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  1. I purchased a fridge, stove and dishwasher from Luckys and was very happy with Luckys prices and service. Lucky is a man of his word and I thank him for everything he did.

  2. Lucky (Lucky appliances) is a wonderful person to deal with. Very Specific, knows what he is looking for and respects the business commitments. As I saw his operation closely while developing the website for him, I realized that he is fully committed t0 his customers and service providers equally!

  3. A few years ago we purchased a fridge, range and dishwasher; LA had the best price and we were very happy with the service and the produces. Recently, we purchased a high-end, front-load, washer and drier; again we were very happy. Our selection was done!

  4. Lucky is a gracious businessman. He cares about his customers and will spend as much time needed to answer all questions as honestly as possible. I have hearing loss, and he was willing to negotiate via email because for me numbers can be a challenge to hear! I totally admire him for his great service!

  5. Since moving to Abbotsford and having have had to buy appliances for 2 houses,
    We discovered Lucky early on in our move to Abbotsford 6 years ago
    I cannot say enough good things about his professional and friendly service. I have learned to buy all of our appliances ONLY from Lucky. He has always given us great advice as to which appliance would be best for us based on our home needs and budget. I trust him entirely. I also have since buy appliances directly from him as well. He is a really nice person as an individual.
    I encourage anyone who is in the market to buy appliances to check him out first before signing off on anything elsewhere

  6. We recently purchased a new Huebsch washer & dryer from Lucky.
    I did my homework and comparison shopped, Lucky had the best prices.
    He is very knowledgable and was able to answer all our questions.
    He had to order in the exact model we were looking for and this was done quickly and they arrived on time.
    His delivery team were polite and careful, removed our old washer/dryer and installed the new set.
    The entire transaction was worry free and Lucky is a pleasure to do business with.
    I highly recommend Lucky to anyone looking for good prices and reliable, courteous service.

  7. I purchased a washer/drier in one unit from Lucky Appliances years ago, and a deep freeze last year. Lucky Appliances has a really good selection and the best prices I’ve seen. I might be buying a fridge soon and know where I will be going.

  8. We had been “shopping” around for a few years for our new applicances and felt we were quite knowledgeable, that was until we met Lucky.
    He is very professional and is extremely well-versed in all the products, their performance, and quality. Lucky gave us three categories to choose from for each – good, better and the best and let us make the decision. No PRESSURE sales whatsoever! And the customer service was extraordinary! He delivered all three applicances the SAME evening for us (everywhere else was 3-8 weeks) with a great package price. We would highly recommend that BEFORE you make any FINAL decisions – to stop in and see him.

  9. Lucky always has the best prices around, the service is awesome. I always look around at the other places but always end up buying here. I recommend Lucky Appliances to everyone who asks about where to buy appliances.

  10. We were going to be renovating our kitchen in the next few months so I was doing my research on appliances. I had come accross Lucky Appliances on the Internet. It was a convent location for me so I dropped by. I told Lucky what we were doing and what I was looking for. I was shocked at how much he knew about the many many many different models of appliances, he didn’t look up anything, he just knew. Although he was there when I had questions, he wasn’t pushy and let me browse around. In the end, we purchased a beautiful fridge. Now I did a LOT of research and went to a LOT of different stores and Lucky was by far, the most knowledgable and helpful of them all. And that wasn’t all, his prices were by far the best! No one, even on sale, could touch him. His delivery was quick and his guys were careful and friendly.

    We were so satisfied, that a few months later, we went back and purchased our stove. And all I can tell you is, if I ever need new appliances, I will go straight to Lucky. I would 100% recommend him to anyone. Thank you Lucky!

  11. Ok, I did my homework and knew what I would be looking at price-wise, but my expectations were far exceeded at Lucky’s today. All of the previous reviews I had read about Lucky’s are all true. He is as friendly and knowledgeable as all of the reviews state. Sale prices at other locations can’t even touch his regular prices. I will never go anywhere else for an appliance. But! Though I did get to meet Lucky, it was Carson that helped me with my washer and dryer purchase today, and he’s FANTASTIC. He answered all of my questions, he’s smart and friendly and knows the products, and has a gorgeous smile too :-) he made appliance shopping on a Saturday (which I was dreading) turn out to be quick, easy, and actually kind of pleasant! Thanks Carson.
    They have a great team there. Thanks guys! You made this so easy for me. I’ll be recommending you from now on, and will also never shop anywhere else myself. Done deal.

  12. My wife and I bought a washer and drier from lucky , about a month prior to moving into our new apartment , the day of delivery we picked a fridge that he somehow coordinated with his driver on extreme short notice and had them all delivered at same time ( free of charge ) ! we stopped in luckys 3-4 times getting prices and what have you before we settled on lucky great price and service . Ive been back since looking at stove and dishwasher , I don’t even look anywhere else cause no one can match lucky low price

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